Dumpstring March diet: one month challenge

There is way too much of perfectly good food throw out in the trash bins of Sweden. According to statistics of 2012 provided by Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, supermarket food waste consists of 91% unnecessary food waste which means that almost all of the discarded food could have been eaten. However, the households in Sweden waste much bigger amounts of food, from which 35% were thrown out unnecessarily.

This tells us that there is a really, really big problem. Even though the last couple of months I have been dumpster diving, sharing part of the food by bringing it to Solidarity Fridge and cooking dinners with friends as well as trying to waste less, I believe there is more I can do.

Starting from March the 1st, I am going to eat (and drink) only dumpster dived food. The only thing that I will allow myself to add extra will be salt and spices. No oil, no coffee, no sweets, no alcohol (unless I find any in the supermarket bins). However, if anyone wants to share their food with me, I can accept (within reasonable limits). Also, I am allowed to take the food from the public fridges. I shall also try my best to diminish the amount of food waste that I create myself by using everything in the most effective way possible. 

I will document everything I possibly can and post the material here so you will find new posts almost every day. The aim for this is not to loose weight or show that it is possible to spend no money on food if you live in a economically developed country. My hypothesis is that one can maintain a healthy, nutritious diet by eating the food that is rejected by supermarket and customers (me included).  Also, I believe that the best way to come up with ideas on how to approach this issue through design perspective in my master thesis is to immerse myself in this experience and surround myself with the discarded food. Finally, I assume that it will be extremely hard for me to fight with sugar cravings and boost energy levels without coffee – and this is the best chance to see if I can win!

This is my last breakfast before the Dumpstring March starts: The banana is dumpster dived; the oats are bought, the blueberries are picked up by me in a Swedish forest in August 2016:


*Dumpstring March Diet is a special name for this one month challenge – dumpstring is used in Swedish as a shortened form of dumpster diving

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