A day before the start

Tomorrow is the big start of Dumpstring March! To be properly prepared, two days ago I cleaned out my pantry and left only the items that I got from the dumpsters in my previous catches:DSCF6128.JPG

Last week I was lucky to get the quinoa (I have never bought it, so this is very exotic for me!), some weird protein powder that I took from Solidarity Fridge, an onion, crushed hazelnuts (3 small packs), potatoes and wheat flour in a broken packaging now transferred to gingerbread box.
Apart from this, I’ve got some dumpster dived cabbage in the fridge, and in the freezer I’m storing dumpster dived arugula, spinach and salad mix as well as sliced bananas and the last handful of self-picked blueberries from the last August in national park of Tiveden. Also, I’ve been collecting scraps from veggies – after watching a zero waste video, I want to try to boil a vegetable broth out of them.

Since cabbage is far from my favourite foods, I decided to go dumpster diving on Monday night. It was quite late, quarter to 23:00 or so. I met a group of other food hunters and we proceeded together just to meet another one at the second shop (the first one’s bins were completely emptied out). This is what I brought home:

The crayfish is so beautiful! I had never held such a huge one in my hands and ended up exploring its weird anatomy for a good while. Another special treasure for me is the coffee. I was telling one of the dumpster divers how I have never found coffee and how I would love to find it during the next month. Few minutes later he jumped out of container with the coffee pack to offer!
So, after this dumpster dive, a day before the start of Dumpstring March diet, my pantry looks like this (coffee is transferred to the metal bucket):


and the fridge shelves:


Last but not least, the herbs have found a place on windowsill.

P.S. The crayfish hides in the ice cream box, and the mushrooms and bananas are already gone

P.S.S. Part of the food I plan to bring to the Solidarity Fridge (too much cabbage for me!)


  1. Wow, izskatās pēc normālas iepirkšanās veikalā. Mazliet apbružāti banāni, bet visādi citādi…


    1. Jā, nu vienīgi viss ir nomazgāts vai izņemts no netīra iepakojuma. Būs kaut kad
      jāieliek kāda bilde ar ēdienu sākuma stadijā un konteinerā.


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