Day 1: start of Dumpstring March

The first Dumpstring diet day is almost over, and I must say I ate very unusual things that I would probably never buy otherwise:

Breakfast: Kvarg – translator says it’s cottage cheese but it really is quite far from it. It’s some kind of dairy product full of protein and almost no fat. Not my favourite thing but eatable (you can see it in the photo of 28/02 on the right side).
I also drank coffee with milk cause I got both things in the Monday’s dive!

Lunch: Cooked quinoa with broccoli and kale – sounds like healthiest meal ever. A bit bland, but much better than Kvarg for sure.

Snacks: At the faculty, I took the LAST PIECE of the dark chocolate on the table (you’re not supposed to take the last piece from the common table in Sweden but I’m a rebel). In the evening, I went to feed my friend’s cat while she’s away from town, and there I had a cookie and handful of potato crisps.

Dinner: I boiled the great lobster from the yesterday’s photo (it was already prepared but I had to boil it for safety), finished the quinoa, kale and broccoli mix.

Today I went dumpster diving together with another Solidarity Fridge member – we wanted to fill up the fridge in the city suburb Kortedala tomorrow. It was crazily successful. However, I had never struggled so much with carrying so much food home. It was this much:

So for the late night snack, I ate couple of smashed pears and two sweet pastries with vanilla cream filling. After the first day, this doesn’t feel like a strict diet at all. Do you think I should set stricter rules to it? Tell me in the comments!
Best thing: I got a pack of pasta (blue pack on the right side)! Carbs that can be stored forever, yay!

P.S. In the next few days I will make make a video from today’s dumpster diving – turns out it took us 39 minutes to sort and pack everything at the site!


  1. Nevajag striktākus noteikumus, vismaz vēl kādu nedēļu vai divas, lai var redzēt reālās iespējas.
    Pēc tam var skatīties, izaicināt sevi vairāk.
    Turklāt ledusskapis priecāsies. 🙂 Vēl var sarīkot kādas vakariņas draugiem vai tml.


    1. Paldies par atsauksmi! Apkārtējie ar mani pagaidām tik bieži dalās, ka šķiet, nerodas pietiekami lieli izaicinājumi. Skatīsimies, kā ies tālāk.
      Jā, tas noteikti tuvākajā laikā jāizdara – vakariņas ar draugiem 🙂


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