Day 5: visiting Solidarity fridge

Today I had a spectrum of possibilities regarding what to eat for breakfast yet I have started to really miss my favourite – the oatmeal. I had Kvarg (or quark if you like) with raspberry taste; a banana and peppermint tea made of fresh leaves from a dumpster dived plant.


I still had too much food in my fridge so I brought some of it to a Solidarity fridge that is located in a vintage second-hand shop called Kvillehyllan:day5-kvillehyllan

Once there, I was surprised to see that there is actually some food already since the fridge is mostly empty whenever I come over. This is how it looked after I placed my share in the fridge:day5 kvillehyllan fridge and shelf.jpg

I checked the shelf next to the fridge as it is rare to find dry products in the dumpster. There was no oil yet I was happy to find dry mix of Falafel and a foil pack that strongly smelled of bergamot – it seemed to be filled with teabags of Earl Grey:

day5 catch.jpg

Only afterwards I realized it might be hard to prepare falafel without oil. Eh.

Once back home, I had yesterday’s quick pasta with a similar vegetable stew:

day5 lunch.jpg

For dinner, I made another polar bread – avocado – cherry tomato sandwich and  coleslaw salad which contains a small head of white cabbage, 2 carrots, lemon juice, crushed hazelnuts (very rare and valuable find!), salt and white pepper. I rather dislike cabbage since I had to eat so much of it in all possible forms throughout my childhood. Yet, I guess, everything becomes tasty when hazelnuts and lemon are added.

day5 dinner.jpg

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