Day 6, 7 and 8: the sugar fight

Day 6 was another 500 kcal day so all I ate was some snacks that my coursemates shared with me in our studio.

On day 7, the real issues finally started to appear. I woke up really hungry. In such cases nothing is more satisfying than a good size of oatmeal. I really have started to crave my oatmeal mornings because without them I get hungry much sooner. Instead, I had two polar bread slices with avocado-tomato-chives combo again. I had to cook the lunch in the morning as well since I hadn’t done it the night before – some quinoa with kale and asparagus (brought to Sweden from Mexico, by the way). By the lunchtime, I was very hungry already and this didn’t fill me up completely:

day7 lunch1.jpg

It was tasty, though. The hunger kicked in around 16:30 again, and I felt a bit dizzy so I decided to go home. Luckily, I had taken 2 packs of potato gratin from the Solidarity Fridge last week (its expiration date was February 23rd):

dinner day7.jpg

After 30 mins it was ready. I couldn’t wait to finally eat something creamy but it turned out a bit disappointing – this premade gratin was so salty that I could barely feel the taste of cream. After this meal, I immediately felt the craving for something sweet. I found the last banana in the fridge. It wasn’t enough. I needed more, of course. I remembered about crushed hazelnuts in the pantry. That worked. However, half an hour later, I still craved for sweetness. My brain was screaming for REAL sugar. I gave in – a little bit. There was this apple puree or äpplemoss in the fridge (you can see it in the photo with lobster). It contains some 20g of sugars on 100 g so it’s not that bad, I lied to myself. Luckily, I stopped after few spoonfuls since I had to get ready for going out.
It seems that the fight is finally setting off – precisely one week after the start.

Today, day 8, is the International Women’s Day. My breakfast was the same again – bread with avocado, tomatoes and chives (I really like them apparently!). There is a whole day long event happening at the Arts faculty today and there I got a vegan sandwich, coffee and some salad with hummus. I was really hoping for something oily or creamy but at least I resisted the cookies that they served.

Conclusion: it isn’t as easy as I thought, but mainly because of my biggest addiction – sugar. I will keep on staying away from the added sugars until the end of Dumpstring March cause this is a great opportunity to be consistent and actually see if I can do it – it’s probably the biggest food-related challenge I can take. However, will still focus mainly on the limitations and opportunities that are appearing thanks to the dumpster diving lifestyle.

Cheers to all women and the those who love them!

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