Day 10: the oatmeal mornings are back

On day 10, I finally had my oatmeal breakfast I was longing for. I had to wait only 10 days until I got it! Apparently it was thrown out because of a small, torn hole in the packaging:DSCF6889.JPG

I added some banana slices I had frozen before when I got way too many to keep them in fridge as well as the very last blueberries that forest had provided for me last August.

For lunch I had some oven roasted root vegetables (potato, parsnip, carrot, beetroot) that we had cooked previously together with my flatmate (she shared beetroot and oil with me).

For dinner, I had gnocchi with some salad cheese (cheap version of feta), tomatoes, fennel and chives which keep on growing on the kitchen windowsill:kryddor1.jpg

Here I must mention that very often I find small plastic pots with all kinds of herbs. If I’m lucky and they aren’t too smashed, vilted or dirty, I take them home and give a second chance to live and get eaten. Some of them die by the morning, but most survive. Currently, I’ve got two small pots of chives, one with mint, one with citronmelissa and one with parsley. I have also found cilantro, thyme and basil before. The chives seem to be most lively though. They keep growing after I’ve cut them several times. Also, on the left you can see an onion – if I see that it’s already sprouting, I will surely place it into water to let it grow. However, this one didn’t have sprouts so I had to wait more than a week until a green spring appeared.


  1. Thanks a LOT for the suggestion! As I’m new to blogging, the start is quite clumsy. Will definitely take a look at those huge blocks of texts to balance them out!


  2. Thank you! There has been a break in the posts but I’m coming back with new ones today.


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