Day 11: dumpster diving in the sun

The Saturday morning started with a beautiful sunshine and nice breakfast: oatmeal with milk, cinnamon and banana. Me and Radu decided to use the day for photography exploration, go out and shoot pictures, setting specific rules and tasks beforehand. Later on, we stopped by the supermarket bins and took some more pictures alongside with food collecting:applen.jpg

As usual, almost all of it was vegetables and some fruit, this time only apples and a lonely banana. This time, there was also a lot of flowers – that seemed particularly sad somehow.

dumpstring Lidl.jpg

I also found a six-pack of eggs and since I haven’t found eggs during this challenge so far, I bothered to pick out the intact ones. We ended up with one full and one 1/3 full standard plastic bag:

dumpstring day 11.jpgWe were back at home quite late so the lunch also became our dinner. I baked potatoes, red onions and parsnips without any oil, just salt, pepper, dried thyme and rosemary (picked by myself in Catalonia during a mountain hike):


I also made salad of spinach, iceberg lettuce, raddish, tomatoes, chives, orange pepper and lemon juice:salad.jpg

After the dinner and some Earl Grey tea with milk we started to set up a photo shoot for today’s catch.

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