Day 9: learning fermentation

These days have passed quickly, full of new knowledge gained. On Thursday, the day 9, I went to an event organized by ResursRestaurangen. This company collects discarded food from supermarkets and once a week they organize an event/pop-up restaurant where people can eat meals made of it, for a symbolic price. Not only they have managed to persuade the supermarkets to give food to them and create a socially aware business initiative; they also know  a lot about how to preserve the food! Part of the Thursday’s event was a Fermenting workshop. It started with a presentation, then we tried out the process of preparing a jar of veggies to be fermented and finally we got to try several already fermented samples. Here’s a leaflet with a method for fermented white cabbage (in Swedish):fermentation.jpg

Turns out, all you need for fermenting is water, the veggies or fruits, spices and time! It is also healthy – the fermenting bacteria produces B group vitamins and is good for the microflora of our digestive system. Can you imagine = even bananas can be fermented into savoury side dish! I am eager to try (will start with the cabbage though as I have never done this before) and afterwards I will show and tell how did it go and how exactly can you do this at your own home.

After the event, the participants were invited to take any food they like as there was a heap of fruits and vegetables put in cargo bicycles (custom-made bikes with lots of space for carrying stuff). Since the start of the Dumpstring March, I am always carrying a plastic bag or two in case I decide to check dumpsters unexpectedly so I took smallest of them, filled it up and brought it to Gothenburg’s main Solidarity Fridge. The best surprise awaited me there – there was a pack of oats left to take! I had been missing my regular oatmeal-banana porridge mornings, and here it was, free to take! Apart from that, I also met those nice people over there and had a chat with them, of course.


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