Day 12: yeast and flour = bread

In the upcoming posts I’ve decided to describe less and post more photos of what I eat instead, providing a list of bullet points of what I ate each day and was it dumpster dived or shared with me. If there was some particularly challenging experiences, I will mention them as well (like the sugar cravings that hit me regularly). By being more concise with my Dumpstring March diet I will leave more time and space for writing about how to preserve food, how to tell if it is still good for eating, recipes and other related topics.
I hope it will be more interesting and useful for both you and me.

Back to day 12: I woke up really late so me and Radu had a huge brunch:

brunch 12.3..jpg

Apart from the diluted concentrate orange juice, we had boiled pasta with milk and egg and sprinkled it with cinnamon – for me it seemed a very grandma-food (my grandmother loves everything that is boiled in milk, be it rice, pasta, buckwheat, barley, semolina…).

breakfast 12.3..jpg

Radu had also baked bread from the flour and yeast which we found the day before (it is the a yellow square shaped package in this picture). It tasted really good and was served with fresh vegetables:

breakfast 2 12.3..jpg

Later on, he got back to baking again, this time adding an egg to the dough. This one differed from the previous loaf:

bread 12.3. (2).jpg

bread 12.3..jpg

Even though it came out more saggy and moist, I liked it more than the first one.

For dinner, we cut up some more vegetables and made a dip sauce out of greek yoghurt mixed with fresh garlic, chili, curry and some other Indian spice mix. That disappeared very quickly so I didn’t manage to document it.

*As usual, the words in bold indicate the products that are dumpster dived; others are shared with me by my flatmates, friends and other people.


  1. Thank you! The topic is so multilayered and complex that it seems necessary to look at every detail and try to analyze 🙂


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