Day 13: Folk kitchen

On Monday, day 13 of the Dumpstring March, I woke up a bit late and didn’t have time for breakfast so I just grabbed a large piece of the home baked bread on the way.

For lunch, course mates of the 1st study year shared a fruit bread with butter, and Radu came over to share crepes and orange jam he bought at Lidl. As you can see, I haven’t been keeping up with my resolution of no added sugars. In fact, some days ago I had such hard times of not having anything sweet, even fruits, at home, that I felt completely out of energy, in a bad mood and having a headache. I will try to keep away from sweets but right now it seems that I have to set it as a high priority in order to stick to it, and the life’s too busy right now to do it. So I will try to keep away from sugars but it won’t be my highest priority.

As for the dinner, I used a great opportunity that I found out about last week at the fermenting workshop. Me and other Solidarity Fridge volunteers attended Folkkök or People’s kitchen. It’s a dinner event organized by a non-profit company Resursrestaurangen that happens once a week and is based on volunteering.All the ingredients, except oil and spices, are discarded food from supermarkets (before reaching the trash containers). They charge 30 SEK (approx. 3 EUR) for a three course meal and drink and 15 SEK for children up to 12 years. Turns out, we have the same problem – the only things we can’t get from supermarkets are oil and spices! Since this food is essentially the same as the one I’d get from dumpster diving, I happily paid the price and joined the feast.

On Monday it was very crowded, mostly filled with families with small kids. The atmosphere there was very warm and friendly – somewhat low-key but very welcoming and laid-back.



On the menu this time there were borscht the beet soup, baked eggplants, carrot-orange salad, green salad, grilled paprika relish similar to Ajvar, bread and butter, fresh fruit salad with mint sauce and roasted seed topping.



They sold some fermented veggies that were also served as a side dish:


The Solidarity Fridge contributed to the food supplies by bringing a box full of bread they’ve got from Hemköp. We hanged out longer, had some intense discussions on the topic of food waste and later helped to clean up.

The whole experience inspired us to sign up for volunteering in the kitchen to help out and see it all from inside.

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