Before getting to day 15, I have to apologize for the big break I have taken.

I had to meet the reality of unexpected events intervening during the Dumpstring March challenge: I had to take an emergency flight home, from Sweden through Finland to Latvia, to be with my family for a couple of days. My grandmother was living her hudredth year but now she has left this world for a better one.

Regarding to the Dumpster Diving challenge, it is still going on, I am back in Sweden now and ready to complete the Dumpstring March Diet. These four days without a chance to dumpster dive (but lots of chances to share the food with my family) show that dumpster diving is not possible everywhere, especially if one doesn’t invest time to find the places where the discarded food might be accessible.

Day 15

There is a permanent problem at the studio where I share the workspace. We are approximately 30 people working here. We have a common dining area with a shared fridge. However, there is a constant tendency to bring a lunchbox with a home-cooked meal, forget it and leave it in the fridge for months. For this reason, I made a poster “Feed yourself, not fungus”:

It says: “Fungus of the fridge is hungry but so are you. Take care of your food before fungus gets to it. Win-win-win: less stinkiness, happier colleagues, more respect to people’s labour, environment and resources that brought this to your hands”

In the evening I attended a Solidarity Fridge meeting which means checking the public fridge, obviously. I found things I really missed: margarine/butter, both fresh and powdered ginger (one of my favourite spices!) as well as cardamom.

My menu of the day:
> Bread, baked by Radu, covered with yoghurt mixed with curry and chipotle – chili powder with smokey taste; tomatoes, cucumbers and chives on the top
> Coffee with milk

> Oven baked root vegetables (cooked a couple of days ago, stored in the fridge, heated in the microwave)
> Kefir (sour milk) – shared with me
> La Comandanta (very hot chili sauce with different kinds of seeds) – shared with me

> two apples; several sweet pastries from Solidarity Fridge (most unhealthy dinner so far)