The obvious answer to the question of the day 17 would be to not acquire too much food. The mantra of reducing waste in general – reduce reuse recycle – would also be the best way of thinking in terms of food.

On day 17, I did reuse.

The day before, after bringing the food to the Solidarity Fridge, I noticed a box from the previous delivery – there were pears and apples that seemed to be forgotten – a bit dried up, wrinkly, with brown spots. I decided to take them home and see if I can prepare a mash or a jam for dressing up my morning porridge.


Then I remembered about the spices I got from Solikyl some days earlier – ginger and cardamom could go great together with these fruits!

Then I started looking for a no-sugar pear jam recipe (I haven’t found sugar by dumpster diving yet). This is what I vaguely followed:

I peeled pears but left the skin on for the apples. The pears appeared kind of naked:

It seemed weird to boil lemon juice and pulp separately from the pears and apples but I followed the instruction. However, later I decided to improvise by adding finely cut raw ginger and some 15 green grapes from Solidarity Fridge – for sweetness. There were two pots: pears and apples with cinnamon and cardamom simmering in the big one, lemons, ginger and grapes in the small one.

I even sterilised the jars (of course, I had to get an instruction from the Internet). Finally, I filled up four of them and ate the leftover spoonfuls. For me, it seemed very tasty, and I think I could get used to eating sugar free jams only…

To see how well such concoction holds without added sugar, lots of lemon juice and if the sterilization has been done properly, I have stored two of the jars in the fridge and two in the pantry. Let’s see if they’ll last for couple of months at least.