Day 19: Freezing herbs

After my weekly dumpster diving journeys, I often end up with many herbs, both cut and planted in plastic pots. The potted ones usually have a chance to revive on the windowsill. herbs saved from trash container

But what to do with the cut herbs that are already wilted, like the bunch of dill in the image below?

The simplest way is to freeze them! Surely, to throw them out would be simpler yet incredibly wasteful. Dill has very high nutritional value – it is a very good source of calcium, a good source of  minerals as manganese, iron, magnesium, has a lot of dietary fiber and flavonoids among other valuable nutrients. When it wilts, it mostly loses water so there is no reason to throw away such a great nutritional source. After all, it doesn’t make any difference to freeze wilted or very fresh herbs as the ice crystals will do their job and break the plant tissue apart during the freezing process. When defrosted, all herbs will sag yet they will still be of great use in any cooked meals.

The process is really quick and simple:

First I separated the big, fibrous stems. I will freeze them in a separate bag together with other vegetable scraps to boil vegetable stock later. However, if I didn’t have a plan to use them, I wouldn’t bother to cut them off.

Then I chopped the dill finely and put it straight into a ziploc bag. Voilà! Now it can wait for the right moment to be added to soups, stews and boiled potatoes.


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