Day 29: Special daily menu with falafel

In this post, I will return to reporting the daily menu of my Dumpstring Diet. Earlier, I realized it gets a bit repetitive to document and post every single daily meal, so I stopped doing it lately. However, this day was special: I got olive oil and mayonnaise as a present and that opened up opportunities to eat some fatty food.

However, the breakfast was very typical: oatmeal* with cinnamon and pieces of pear.

For lunch, there was pasta with spinach cooked in a saucepan with oil, spices and roughly crushed hazelnuts (those I got from the foodsharing fridge):

I never hoped for falafel during the Dumpstring Diet challenge, but if someone brings oil for you, it can happen! I got a pack of falafel flour couple of weeks ago at the public fridge. However, only later I realized that there is a need for some kind of fat to cook a real falafel. But now it finally had a chance!

day5 catch.jpg

In the end, along with other dumpster dived ingredients, they became part of very, very nice tortillas (the bread was a bit dry, so they had to be left open like pizzas:

The filling (or rather topping) consisted of cucumber, red bell pepper, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, the main star – falafel, mayonnaise and ketchup that is shared among me and flatmates. You can also see a semi-successful attempt of oven-baked artichokes. some closer to the chore were quite tasty but I really need to master coooking them. Finally, the three physalis berries were served as dessert.


The ingredients in bold are dumpster dived or taken from Solidarity fridges. Others, besides salt and spices, are given to me or shared with me when having a meal together.

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