“Free food is friendship!” my friend exclaimed when I told her about the successful dinners that brought together many students who didn’t know each other very well but still came to the event because of the free food (retrieved from supermarket trash bins). I realized then that food has a great power to bring people (or at least students) together, especially if it is food for free! This is how the blog got its name.

Currently I live in Sweden, the country that is famous for almost all the good things humanity has been able to achieve so far, including environmentally sustainable policies, extremely effective waste management system, relatively open borders for refugees, six hour workdays etc. However, there is still an extensive room for improvement regarding the way we treat food here.

The food gets wasted unnecessarily all over developed countries, while one third of child deaths globally are caused by famine (almost all of them in the poorer countries). This is a blog created with an aim to start a Foodsaver Society, both globally (online) and locally (offline, starting from Gothenburg, Sweden). Namely, I wish to gather around people who are concerned about the amounts of food wasted both by the industry and by us, consumers. I care to know and to take action: to provide access to important information that is not widespread yet, and to offer practical knowledge that urges each one of us to buy only as much as we can eat, to learn how to preserve and how to cook the food that doesn’t look perfect anymore.

This is a hope to start a beautiful friendship and a change in the relationship between us and food.